Sunday mattress in custom sizes

Are Sunday Mattresses available in custom sizes? The answer is Yes, and No.

We cater to a wide range of mattress sizes currently and add more sizes as we go along. As the mattresses are made of foam, you can just squeeze the mattress either width wise or length wise by up to 2 inches to accommodate for any custom size requirement that you may have.

As an example: One of our standard sizes is 72"x78". So you can use the mattress for a cot that is 70-72" widthwise and 76-78" lengthwise.

Specific custom sizes such as 69"x79" are not possible at the moment. Our entire supply chain is built to keep our back-end supply chain lean and mean and having set number of SKUs is an essential part of that strategy.

If you have a bulk requirement for a custom size, please write to us at or if you think we should include a particular size as part of our standard size, please let us know in the comments below. 


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    Tania Dey

    Can the 60x72 be squeezed into a 50x72. 

    You should include a 50 width series - most single beds are bigger now. 

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    Hey Tania,

    Sorry to say that a 50x72 inch cot would not accommodate a 60x72 inch mattress. Further we do not have an option for customization.

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