Mattress return rate & reasons

We are aware and acknowledge that there is 100% guarantee that a Sunday mattress will suit everyone. In fact, that is the spirit behind our 100 Nights Trial. The simple fact is that it is impossible to build one mattress that will suit every one. Having said that, through persistent iterations and R&D, we have been quite successful in creating a range of mattresses that will suit most people.

Of course, most of our customers (well above 90%) are happy with our mattresses. On the same note, few customers may not like our mattresses and want to return the mattress. Out of all the customers, our return rate is in the lower single digits. We do not have an exact number to share because it varies from month to month. Further, the return rate is more or less the same between Ortho 2G mattress and Ortho Plus 2G mattresses. 

Our approach to returns has been very different from other brands and retailers. We welcome returns as open heartedly as we welcome sales. We acknowledge that our product may not be suitable to some people and we refund the amount as part of our 100 Nights Trial.

The most popular reason for returns has been that the mattress is not comfortable. Some customers find our Ortho 2G mattress to be too hard and some find it too soft (in rare cases). Similarly, some customer find our Ortho Plus 2G mattress to be too soft or they want a mattress that is even softer.

Choice of a mattress is a very individual one and we accept returns without hassle if our mattress does not fit someone.

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