Why do you ask customers to share images at the time of reverse pick up?

Our 100 nights trial period is very transparent and there are 3 simple things that we ask our customers to take care of: the mattress should not be damaged, it should not be stained and the customer should have the original invoice with them.      

We ask for images at the time of reverse pick up so that we can see that the mattress is not stained or damaged. The following example might explain things better:

There was a big moist mark on the bottom side of the customer's mattress. It might had been kept on a moist surface accidentally but it had left a huge stain on the mattress. The image below(shared by the customer) speaks for itself:

Unfortunately, we had to refuse the reverse pick up as the mattress was stained.

Cases where we had to refuse the refund


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    This is the worst experience i hv faced with this company they are not at al picking my cal from past 2 weeks to return
    Being an Advocate for me only this much of difficult to return then how about normal person hence i hv decided to claim before consumer forum

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