Difference between Ortho 2G and Ortho Plus 2G Mattress

There are several differences between an Ortho 2G and a Ortho Plus 2G Mattress.

Primary difference is in terms of the back support that each of these mattresses offer. Ortho 2G works great for people who sleep on their back or tummy but not the best . Ortho Plus 2G on the other hand adapts to the sleepers body contours completely and this will ensure that it is suitable for all sleep postures including people who sleep on their side.

Another difference is the construction of the core. Ortho 2G is a combination of 2 inches of Latex foam and 4 inches of firm PU foam. Ortho Plus 2G is entirely made of Latex foam. Both the mattresses are 6 inches in thickness.

From a consumer stand point, it means that Ortho Plus 2G Mattress is a plush model that also provides excellent back support. The Ortho 2G Mattress on the other hand, is a relatively firmer variant. It gives very good back support and makes for a great mattress for aged people. However, it is a little bit more comfortable than a traditional rubberised coir mattress.

Ortho Plus 2G Mattress is suitable for most people - irrespective of age and sleeping posture (side sleeper or back sleeper or tummy sleeper). Ortho 2G Mattress on the other hand is suitable for people who like to sleep on the traditional rubberised coir mattresses. In addition, people who are side sleepers prefer to sleep on a Ortho Plus 2G mattress as it is a bit softer.

So here are some tips (based on several thousands of mattresses that we have sold so far):

1. If you are a young single/couple, please go with the Ortho Plus 2G mattress. We are making this recommendation based on feedback from several other younger people.

2. If you are someone who is very comfortable with a coir mattress, then you should choose the Ortho 2G mattress.

3. If you are someone that sleep on your side, then you are better off with a Ortho Plus 2G mattress than an Ortho 2G mattress.

4. If you are someone who is old (in their 60s or above), then please choose the Ortho 2G mattress.

Note: An important note is that both the mattresses offer great back support.

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