What does LGA certification mean?

LGA Certification is administered by TÜV Rheinland AG, a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. The test checks the compliance of the mattress with DIN EN 1957 standard. DIN EN 1957 standard deals with functional performance for domestic use of a mattress.      

The test is conducted by putting a 1400 N (roughly 150 Kilos) force on the mattress and stroking the mattress for 60,000 times. This test is meant to simulate, more than adequately, the normal domestic usage of a mattress.

The above test is conducted to rate the mattress in four categories:

  • Change in height of the mattress 
  • Change in hardness of the mattress after 30,000 strokes
  • Change in hardness of the mattress after the test
  • Change in resilience factor of the mattress

The test is graded on a scale of 0-100 with 25 points allocated to each of the above categories. 

As per the standard, a mattress should achieve a score of 50 points to pass the certification, 70 points to quality for increased quality certification and 80 point for enhanced quality.

The mattress core used in Sunday Latex Plus Mattress has achieved a score of 99 points! Our mattress complies with this test to provide an objective assessment of the quality of the mattress to the end user. We believe that we are the first brand in the country to pass these certifications.

We recommend that you read all the articles in the product quality and certifications section to get a complete picture. Please drop us a line on hello@sundayrest.com or call us on 08880733666

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    Goutam Dharewa

    Is your Latex 100% pure OR  a combination of natural and synthetic latex.?

    If it is a combination, then what percentage of pure latex is used in that combination e.g. 


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    The Latex plus mattress is a combination of natural latex and other synthetic materials. There are mattresses that might be sold as 100% natural latex in the market. However, latex milk needs to be mixed with some synthetic products to make it into the form of foam. If you are looking for the exact percentage, then I am afraid that it is proprietary information and unable to share. The latex carries Oeko Tex, Euro Latex and LGA certifications in case you are worried about the quality of the product.

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    I think you misunderstood the question or I am seeking more clarification on the answer you have provided.  We understand that some chemicals may be needed to convert the latex milk to foam.  That is not what the original question is asking.   The question is if you exclude the chemicals needed to convert the milk to foam, what you have remaining is latex milk.  This latex milk is it 100% derived from natural source (rubber tree) or is it mixed with some synthetic latex like milk?  I hope I was clear and I am eager to know the answer as a customer.


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