Uttar Pradesh

  • Form 39 is mandatory for all personal/noncommercial shipments traveling to Uttar Pradesh.
  • You can download the form online from sales tax website( http://comtax.up.nic.in/vat/vf-eng/Form-39.pdf) and get it stamped and signed at the local sales tax office or visit the office and get the form there itself.  
  • Along with the form, submit the proforma invoice(we will provide you that) and an affidavit stating that the goods are for personal consumption and not for resale.
  • Form 39 should be in 3 parts marked original, duplicate, triplicate. Original part is retained by sales tax department of check post at the time of entry and the duplicate is delivered to consignee along with the shipment.
  • Note: Manual form 39 without signature and stamp of sales tax department of UP is not valid. It should be properly filled with stamp and signature of consignor & consignee.

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